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peer-to-peer notarization

FileProof is a network of use cases leveraging an innovative and robust protocol for validating and veryfying digital certificates involved in any transaction type.    

Use Cases



CVProof.com is a FileProof pioneer member from 2017 developed as Platform as a Service  providing blockchain based validation and verification of professional credentials initially in the aviation sector. 



domino.vote is FileProof P2P notarization most recent implementation enabling to bring governance with full control to voters through any standard mobile device. Trust with ease.  


in the LAB ...

Identity management
Instant messaging notarization
Label of origin (FMCG)
more ...

FileProof Protocol

FileProof patent pending describes a method making Authenticity & Ownership mutually dependent. Can be applied to create Non Fungible Tokens (NFT), no wallet needed, double spending solved, fully transferable. 



Two decades Information Technology leadership in private banking, aviation and computer manufacturers. Author of multiple international patents including in Blockchain.  Ray's LEITMOTIV: enable digital trusted exchanges as simply as sending an email. 

Blockchain CTO since 2014 .
15 years of experience in development and integration of business applications ranging from enterprise to mobile applications.
Smart contract blockchain expert.  International team leader based in St.Petersboug Russia 

Entrepreneurial CFO with 10+ years experience in business set-up/acquisition and expansion in MNC’s and
in start-ups (Healthcare, Bio-pharma, e-Business). Frederic successfully scaled up an E-commerce start-up
in South East Asia over the past three years.


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